Gel + food =
the world

Gel + medical =
the world

Gel + 4d =
the world


    Create a world where material communication is the norm

    I envision a world in which “material communication" is the norm.

    Imagine ecosystems that store blueprints of all the things we need in life, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere by 3D printers. The data can be customized with the help of AI.

    Potential applications include smart bento boxes equipped with ultra-compact 3D food printers that let you to eat whatever you want, whenever you want. Or CNVFABS (Convenience Factory) located on every street corner could print on demand the things you need in just the right quantities. And human body printers could print organs for transplant on the spot, with automated designs based on diagnostic data.

    My research focuses on creating wide-ranging soft materials and working with these materials through additive manufacturing.

    I welcome your ideas on new research applications. Together we can realize incredible improvements to everyday life.

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